Do you want to start a successful career in the metallurgical industry?

Join Moldmetal today!

Our company’s motto – Build the future – also incorporates our working method: focus on the present, but with the future in mind, we want to grow and become market leaders in the field of metallurgy in Romania.

If you want to be part of a dynamic team, motivated and involved in national and international projects, we are looking forward to welcoming you in our Moldmetal team!
We are constantly looking for competent and honest people who will add value to our company, team and customers, and who have the same values ​​as us:

  • Transparency
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Dynamism
  • Desire for progress
  • Optimism
  • Team spirit

Advantages and working conditions within Moldmetal.

Work environment and tools.

You will have a relaxing work environment, with a young, open-minded team that you can rely on at any time. You will be part of a team of engaging people, from whom you can learn something new every day.

You will also benefit from a modern workspace, with personal desks, ergonomic chairs and a kitchen equipped with coffee, tea, water, etc. However, we know that you also need breaks, that’s why we have arranged a space for relaxation, with a foosball table and air hockey.

Depending on the nature of your work, you will always be able to request special tools or work equipment. We want you to come to work good-natured/with enthusiasm and we value your comfort


Safety first.

Because nothing is more important than the health and safety of you and your family, you will be provided with health insurance at a private clinic. In addition, you will be regularly instructed on all safety measures taken to work safely.


Continuous professional development.

At Moldmetal we focus on your professional and personal development. If you want to specialize in a certain field, you can always approach your manager in order to find the best strategy together: either a course, or a series of trainings, or even travel and exchange experiences with other teams or partner companies.

You will be able put into practice your creativity, entrepreneurship and ability to negotiate and initiate your own projects. Through an organizational model based on agility and quick decisions, your ideas can be quickly implemented practically.

With the accumulation of experience in the field of metallurgy and with the help of the new skills learned or developed within the Moldmetal projects, you will have the opportunity to be promoted in your career. We have in the team examples of people who started in an entry-level position and are now heads of departments, and this only encourages us to invest more and more in people like you.


A team to rely on.

Every member of the Moldmetal team is valuable, and people are the number one priority of the company. Therefore, growing and strengthening the team are our long-term goals. We regularly organize strategic sessions and team buildings in during which you can learn from one another, to improve and strengthen the team. We learn how to help one another, how to take on tasks when one of us is in difficulty and how to offer the best services to our customers. We work passionately together, but we also have fun together, during the trips and team buildings organized by HR teams.


Attractive salary offer.

This means primarily a motivating salary, commensurate with the work achieved. The metallurgy industry is not an easy one, that is why we value competent and successful people. Thus, depending on your success, but also that of the company in general, you will benefit from performance bonuses, annual bonuses or bonuses at special events. In addition, at the end of each fiscal year, you will have an evaluation of your entire activity, together with your manager. Depending on the results and the contributions made to the company, your base salary may increase.

Did we convince you? If you want to be part of the Moldmetal team, send us your CV and we will contact you. If you have more questions, you can always contact us at: 0724 585 946 or [email protected].