About Moldmetal

Why Moldmetal?

Romania and East Europe are in a continuous development process. There are many companies that engage in building construction, factories and new business initiatives, which increase the market perspectives. Our goal is to assist all these stakeholders in their development. We aim at building long-term relationships, based on common trust and respect.

We are aware that this path will directly lead us to the further development of our business. Helping Romania’s and other East European’s economies develop equally in the process will allow us to cherish the bright prospects of our collective capabilities.

About us

Moldmetal, as a registered company traces its roots about 10 years ago, in 2014.  What started as a partnership between two good friends, which resulted in a team that we are very much proud of.

Nowadays we are one of the most important importers and suppliers of metallurgical products in Romania. Our plans, however, are far from being fully achieved.

What describes us best is our genuine combination of rigor, honesty and optimism, on one hand, harmonized with the competitive realism and the passion that drive us to succeed, on the other. We have acquired our high standing position on the market as a consequence of our long-term partnerships with some of the most important producers in the metallurgical industry, for whose end products we are the only distributors.

Moldmetal’s Values:

  1. Safety First

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our clients, employees and partners. Following strictly the required safety preventive measures, in order to avoid the occurrence of accidents, is of the utmost importance for us, at Moldmetal.


  1. Team Improvement

We are very much interested in the continuous professional development of our specialists through courses, conferences and industry specific events. We aim to be the best in our field and to offer you premium value products and services. We consider team growth through constant improvement being a key element in achieving these goals.


  1. Sustainable Development

We are concerned about the environment and future generations and we want to make sure that our activity is conducted while assuring a sustainable balance between the social, economic, ecological and natural resources’ points of view.


  1. Teamwork

We are interested to develop new long-standing partnerships with clients from various backgrounds. By sharing best practices and experiences with each other will help us be better prepared to offer superior customer experience.