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constructii sarma laminata

Moldmetal is a company with a young, solid and committed team, whose members are very well trained in the sector and who turned this company into one of the biggest traders and importers of metallurgical products in Romania.

We seek to provide optimal services to each constructor, meeting all the requirements; we also seek to obtain reliable and long-lasting partnerships with the help of which we could deliver the quality of our products closer to you.

We seek to grow in a long-term and profitable manner, to establish our position as a reputed company on the Romanian market, becoming more than a first choice for our clients.

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We provide a wide range of quality products of which you can select those adequate for your projects.

MoldMetal Values

Commitment to quality

Moldmetal commits to the delivery of quality – both by our products and by the services we provide. We comply with the quality standards for each individual product, because we seek to satisfy even the harshest requirements.

Delivery of the products

We ensure the timely delivery of the products, in optimal conditions, so that the construction process should not be delayed. We make available road, railway or naval transfer for the products to reach you within the defined time frame.

Team spirit

Owing to our understanding of the fact that a beautiful future is built with the help of a solid team, we place great emphasis on our team and we try to develop an environment as pleasant and as efficient as possible for our experts.


We have a progressive perspective, we invest continuous efforts in the improvement of our activity, focusing first of all on an enduring balance of the social, economic and environmental aspects of our activity.

Our Services

Specialized advice

We know that the choice of the adequate products is not easy; therefore, we provide advice so that you make the best choice for your projects, any time you may need it. We are by your side for the whole duration of your project or whenever you need us, for the intended outcome. We provide solutions, not only products.

Steel-concrete and laminated wire

We supply steel for constructions and laminated wire for later cold processing and we ensure national coverage. We provide the whole range of steel (PC52, OB37, BST 500C, BST 500B), as well as laminated wire (SAE ASTM A510M 2006). We hold the already established capability of supplying for both large and small projects; our clients can trust that their requirements are met in due time, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Transport of the products

Our logistic staff works for the quick and efficient supply of the products to you. We are thus able to obtain the logistics of the metallurgical products in Romania straight from the combines/facilities abroad or with the help of the 2 warehouses in the country with which we have solid partnerships.

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Mission of Moldmetal


We value first and foremost the safety of our personnel and of the operations we conduct, because we strongly believe that activities should be performed adequately at all the levels.

The Team

We focus on our experts’ professional development, by participation to specialized conferences and events. We are thus able to improve constantly the solutions suitable for our clients.


We believe that long-lasting growth can be obtained by dedicated management. We seek to obtain excellence by safe, efficient operations without incidents and impact on the environment.


We seek that the quality of our products and services propels us to the position of leaders on the Romanian metallurgical market. We commit to delivering quality for the full satisfaction of our clients’ requirements.

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Business Manager
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Marketing Manager
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Customer Services Manager
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