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Metallurgical Products and Cement

We are a nationwide and international wide metallurgical products and cement supplier.
Our most important products are steel for constructions, laminated wire, black annealed wire, prestressed strand (PC Strand) for constructions, rectangular pipe and cement.
The products are forged by our partners based in the Republic of Moldova, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and EU.


Despite metallurgy being a challenging domain, you can nonetheless count on our expertise. Rest assured that we are at all times eager to provide assistance, as we are up to date with the latest developments on this market. Our main objective is to set up your projects for success, instead of focusing on increasing the quantity of material sold to you, our customer. Consequently, we are capable of providing you with the best possible solutions as we make sure first that we fully understood your needs.

Product delivery and Geographical Presence

Today we distribute our products not only in Romania bat also Serbia, Greece, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries of Central and South East Europe.
Once you have selected your desired products, we make sure to deliver them anywhere in the country by road, rail freight or waterborne transport. With the help of our nationwide storage partners, our logistic team consistently ensures that your products will securely, and cost efficiently be delivered on time.

Why chose us?

We always put our customer first

Prior to completing a transaction, we are determined to fully understand your needs in order to provide the best solutions. Every client has unique necessities; hence our offer will be specially tailored considering your requisites.

We have a team of experts

We attend all trade fairs and exhibitions in the industry. Actively participating in all conferences specific to this domain allows us to be up to date with the latest developments regarding the metallurgical products market. We are more than a mere intermediary. We are the specialists you can count on anytime you will be in search of an expert opinion.

We make sure on importing top quality products only

Our most tenured partnerships with the producers demonstrate proof of quality for our imports.
All of our products are subject to the industry specific quality standards imposed by the European Union.

We tend to become long-term partners

We are aware that helping a project be successful through our dedicated contribution will surely lead to further collaborations between our clients and ourselves. This is why we prefer considering a broader perspective, based on mutual trust, respect and common values when building up cooperation over a lengthier period of time.

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