Metallurgical Products


Our main suppliers are MMZ Rabnita (Republic of Moldova), Promet Steel (Bulgaria) and Arcelor Mittal (Ukraine).

PC Strand

Standard: pEN 10138 – 3: 2011 (ST 009-2011).
Package: Coils – Ø9.0 mm, Ø9.3 mm, Ø12.5 mm, Ø12.9 mm, Ø15.2 mm, Ø15.7 mm. (strand in seven wires in the strength category 1860 N/mm2).
Range of use: In prestressed concrete construction elements and structures, as prestressing reinforcement in prestressed concrete structural elements, components of earthquake-resistant
structures, as a prestressed reinforcement.

Hollow Section: Square/Rectangular

Standard: EN10219.
Package: In ties with a weight of approximately 1100 – 3000 kg.
Range of use: Rectangular profiles are used in the construction area and metal structures, are used in the production of fences, gates, railings and other metal elements, rectangular profiles have a very wide range of use.

Black annealed wire

Standard: SR(BS)EN 10218–2: 1999.
Package: In rolls with weight: Ø1,2 mm – 35-40 kg/80 kg; Ø3.0- 4.0 mm – 100-120 kg.
Range of use: Black annealed wire is a malleable steel wire, widely used in construction for bonding reinforcement, for fixing formwork or various other connections.